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  1. Can anyone convert a ScriptHookVDotNet script https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/metiri-s-anpr-speed-radar to ScriptHookV script to run on FiveReborn/FiveM it would be very nice for police role play communities out there to have a working radar script that runs on ScriptHookV and another script like alfredohelper
  2. When I join any server my FiveReborn crashes not responding message it runs great when i take out the plugins folder I don't get it someone please help me here is my GTA V directory and FiveReborn directory. GTA V directory and FiveReborn directory
  3. Can anyone developer try to make LSPDFR and Ragepluginhook to work that would be very appreciated for all role playing communities.
  4. stvbdkd

    GTA V mods help

    Hey could anyone help me out with getting this to work when i install these two mods and load up the game it wants to do a update and removes the mods.
  5. stvbdkd

    Problem with Rage Hook Plugin

    I get this error message when on loading screen Initializing game support fatal error patching code waiting for game initialization
  6. Hey can anyone help me out I'm trying to play GTA V with LCPDFR but Rage Hook will not work. I posted my RagePluginHook logs. RagePluginHook_30122015_231326logs.txt