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  1. CVPIfan

    Orlando Texture CVPI

    Ah, no harm done.
  2. CVPIfan

    Orlando Texture CVPI

    And I happen to have lived my entire life in Orlando... As of my original comment OPD hadn't ordered their FPIUs yet, and I'm thrilled every time I see one of the streets lol. I see the new Chargers regularly (not a fan of the lighting package...) The FPISs are only used for Community Service Officers, I didn't include them because they have a slightly different decal setup than a regular OPD cruiser.
  3. CVPIfan

    2014 Dodge Ram 1500

    Yeah, according to a friend of mine who specs emergency lighting for the county's fire rescue department, that's actually a custom build deal which can be anywhere from 24" to 50" depending on the options selected. . . And, yes, you can put a 48" bar on any vehicle you like, you just have to buy the vehicle-specific strap kit.
  4. CVPIfan

    2014 Dodge Ram 1500

    If you're talking about the Liberty SX series, all sedans are equipped with the 48.5 inch bar while most SUV's and trucks require the 50 inch version thanks to Whelen's bracket system. In fact, Whelen doesn't manufacture a 43 inch lightbar. (I own 5 Liberty SX8's IRL and both of my local departments use the Liberty as well)
  5. CVPIfan

    dsf 2003 crown victoria by krazzy

    'Cause Lundy thought you meant this was a GTA 5 mod, and I was trying to explain that he misunderstood. . . No harm done, arguing helps keep the brain sharp after all ;)
  6. CVPIfan

    dsf 2003 crown victoria by krazzy

    I'm pretty sure he meant "Wrong section, this section is for GTA V" (Perhaps he didn't though, IDK)
  7. CVPIfan

    dsf 2003 crown victoria by krazzy

    krazzy originally posted this file in the GTA 5 mods section. That's was all the fuss is about. No one's saying it's not a GTA IV mod, just that it was originally posted to the wrong section.
  8. CVPIfan

    dsf 2003 crown victoria by krazzy

    Uh, yes, it was in the GTA V section originally. krazzy says he asked for it to be moved 3 comments above yours.
  9. CVPIfan

    2011 Crown Vic Florida Highway Patrol Pack

    That is what's supposed to happen, but most troopers (at least in the Orlando area) have overridden their cruiser's programming and use red/blue all the time. In fact, I haven't actually seen an FHP unit run one color. . .
  10. CVPIfan

    2011 Crown Vic Florida Highway Patrol Pack

    Actually, xAzDKr is correct, I can also confirm, as a Floridian and as a huge fan of FHP, that FHP exclusively uses red/blue emergency lighting (more in-depth explanation below) The picture S0berDrunk posted shows half of the lightbar modules activated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scIolyYLViQ The GIF at the top of the file description is accurate in that regard, however, most FHP cruisers do not have headlight flashers. You see, Florida Highway Patrol did a massive 2 year study to determine the most effective emergency lighting and flash patterns. So all FHP units were programmed to flash all red during the day when stopped, all blue at night when stopped, and both colors when responding. Some FHP troopers didn't like the single color system and circumvented it; which is why some FHP cruisers flash red/blue when stopped (like the cruiser shown in the video above)
  11. CVPIfan

    Sandy Shores PD Slicktop

    It literally says 'slicktop' in the title. Just put it in the police4 slot if you're so worried about it not having a lightbar.
  12. CVPIfan

    Dodge Charger 2009 Code 3 By PimDSLR

    Yep: http://hg2lighting.com/products/runners/hg2-runner-system/
  13. CVPIfan

    Orlando Texture CVPI

    OPD is almost as big as Orange County Sheriff's Office, actually :P They use marked and unmarked CVPIs, Impalas, Chargers, Caprices, and Tahoes. Taurus's are unmarked only, and OPD doesn't use the Explorer, unfortunately :( EDIT: I live in Orlando, BTW