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  1. On their discord, there's usually a hotfix, but there hasn't been one released since the last update. At least not that I'm aware of anyway.
  2. Your spelling better be on point for the D.A. to review your report and accept the charges, otherwise, charges dropped because your knuckle dragging ass can't spell. A good defense attorney would eat that shit up real quick like and in a hurry.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first player/ped upload. I know the collar brass/pins and strip on the pants are not 100% correct. Putting the Lieutenant brass and up on the shoulder in my opinion didn't look good on here. Also, on the left collar, is typically the troop in which they are assigned. With only a limited number of slots, this is how I deemed it needed to be. I've messed around with making skins for a little while now and decided to release this, because I have release and updated a vehicle texture file. I don't care if you change or edit them, but if you do release your edited or changed version, please give proper credit for the base version you used.
  4. @CodeyWynne, any plans on releasing the mic without the bodycam?
  5. Just like others who came before you, y'all are what myths and legends are made of. Thanks you Albo, between your mods and Lt. Caine's, I truly don't believe many people would still be around LCPDFR and LSPDFR. Godspeed sir.
  6. Did you report this to the mods and admin? I looked at the profile and it was created yesterday.
    this look sweet as hell. especially, since im from the boot. I have done my on san andreas version, but this is 1,000 times better. great job.
  7. Ok, thank you for the response and the mic is kick ass. As a former LEO, that's how I use to wear my mic, when I used one
  8. @CodeyWynne is this locked in zmodeler3? I would like to be able to remove the body cam for personal use.
  9. what is this under in menyoo? Ive never used menyoo before, in use simple trainer
  10. After downloading it, it does do a hell of a lot more and it is very nice. I would maybe also add request ambulance and/or coroner under the dispatch/computer tab along with tow truck needed
  11. So far, I believe his does ELS, radar and plate checks, that same as this one.
  12. How's this different than ELS Control App by GoForDutch?
  13. Ok thanks, ill take another look.
  14. Every update doesn't disappoint. Now, just the release....LOL One thing I would like to see is, being able to put yourself busy/unavailable and available. Its kind of irritating when stopping a ped or on a traffic stop to be getting dispatched to a call.
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