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  1. WHSD

    Modding DLC Pack V

    @Albo1125 I am having the same issues as those above. I have, unlike some, done a complete re-install of GTAV with a fresh mods folder. Can we expect an update on this DLC pack anytime soon? Thanks!!
  2. WHSD

    First Callouts

    Good Callouts, however, it could use a bit of TLC. Here's some of the issues that have started happening within the past few months: -Sniper callout, when accepted, has the marker in RED. When i arrive on-scene, it goes YELLOW and the Sniper/Perpetrator is gone. Then the marker is stuck on my map minus the GPS line and LSPD:FR makes me go automatic 10-8 as if there was no call. -Stolen Vehicle goes into automatic pursuit mode and drops out five seconds later as if there's no pursuit, but the AI still acts as if they are being chased and i cannot call in backup. Attempts to pull over and re-engage result in game/LSPD:FR crash. -Wanted Subject Fleeing does the same as Stolen Vehicle and in the rare chance it works, when arrested and callout ends, the subject will run away and/or steal my squad car. The other two i have not popped up as i have several other callout plugins installed. Not sure if LSPD:FR is ignoring them or if another plugin is overriding those callouts. Keep up the good work!!
  3. WHSD


    Very nice model! Love the red/blue and blue/blue option!! The amount of extras is absolutely jaw dropping! I look forward to seeing more amazing models in the future!
  4. WHSD

    Ford F350 Brush Fire Truck [ELS]

    Yet another excellent model!! I am beginning to have more fire/ems vehicles than one really needs in game!!
  5. WHSD

    GMC Sierra Fireman/Volunteer EMT POV

    That FF/Medic now has visor-level lights similar to some PD's with the full width. That is one of the most 'Christmas Tree' style cars i have seen apart from some local PD's that are in my area. They have one Unmarked unit that has dash level lights (like the video), visor-level full width, side-step runners, rear side window flashers (not the door), and two levels (one on the top, one on the bottom) in the rear tailgate window, strobes in head and tail lights, a strip inside of the grill, corner flashers under the mirrors, AND a FLASHING red/blue/white programmable spotlight on the drivers side!
  6. WHSD

    GMC Sierra Fireman/Volunteer EMT POV

    When i download, it's in a .bak file.... How do i open this type of file??
  7. Yeah.... That's what I've come to the conclusion of as well.... Thanks for the help Yoshe!
  8. I have done this, but i have also found where i may have gone wrong. I have Albo1125's Modding DLC and found a 'hidden' audio file cache. It may have to go in there, but i do not know. However, i have the x64 location with the Resident placed in my mods folder and other tones from the siren group (Police Warning, Siren 2, Airhorn) are working and were not in the Modding DLC area, it's just the Primary Siren that does not seem to match up to any of the hashes (have the audio file installed in three different slots, those being Police Primary and the two FIB) and reverts back to a Whelen Rumbler i had placed when i re-did my mods folder from a clean re-install, or the base-game sirens.
  9. I have installed and re-re-installed in the mods folder. However, i will double and triple check. I should because i did a full re-install of everything in my game and 'favorite' marked the locations in OpenIV.
  10. If this is from Lundy's post from 2015, those hashes don't seem to work (for me at least) for some reason. Have replaced both FIB sirens with the Rumbler i want, and still get in game sirens. Is there some sort of limit set for the audio files to play?
  11. Does anybody have the Hash codes to replace these with modded sirens? Have been attempting for weeks to get the PA2000SM Rumbler from Modern Siren Pack to work, but it either reverts back to the base game siren or the modded siren i had previously.
    HOLY BLUE!!!! The only thing that would make this even better is a 2015+ Tahoe or Silverado 1500. Edited at 9:09 PM CST - Tail lights and headlights not working/glitched out for day/nighttime running and braking. Tail light LOD's are FK'ed and the center disappears at certain angles. Dirt mapping also covers all windows, blocking out lights. Would also be complaining about the absence of plates, but personally, i don't care but some might, so i'll mention it.
  12. WHSD

    [4k] Sandy Shores Police Texture Pack

    @adwanner Trent MU has one on his Discord server.
  13. WHSD

    Fictional LSPD 13 Ford Taurus

    This reminds me of the SoundOff BluePrint Siren/Emergency Lighting. Nicely done!!