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    JackeryFox reacted to RedactedUsername in Rockstar releases another update.   
    1. This same thing occurred every time a patch for GTA 4 came out. It isn't new. Patch comes out, breaks scripts. Scripts are updated. Rinse, repeat. 
    2. R* never said they support mods. In fact, they say that they are unsupported and will break - this does not mean they are actively against them. This isn't new.
    3. They aren't deliberately targeting mods.
    4. Games get a lot of patches over time. Get used to it - back up your .exe and update files if you don't want to wait for the scripts to be updated. 
    5. Yeah, waiting a day is going to be the "Downfall" of mods. LOL
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    JackeryFox reacted to iansonwheels in Draggable Corpses Suggestion   
    I could see this being a thing, at least as a RageHook mod. The animation's already in the game, so there just needs to be the functionality of pressing a button (likely E) while near a dead body, jumping into the animation and then being able to move around, pressing the button again to set the body down. Would also be useful for rescuing an injured officer or civilian during a shootout if they had been caught in the crossfire but not fatally wounded: after setting the body down they would return to a pain animation on the ground, but could be saved by paramedics (they wouldn't die if you pulled them away) or yourself, as I would also expect a reviving feature to be added alongside this.
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    JackeryFox got a reaction from iansonwheels in Draggable Corpses Suggestion   
    It would be really useful if there was a feature to allow us to grab and drag bodies around like I've seen something similar in the cop AI in GTA V where cops would drag other injured officers to cover. The feature would come in handy for example clearing a road after a shoot-out or incident where a person had died, earlier I've had a case of where we had to kill multiple armed suspects on the highway and after the cars were cleaned up we needed to dispose of the bodies but it takes a while for the coroner from the Police Radio mod to arrive so I had to wait for them as the body was laying there in middle of the highway and AI cars either ran it over or tried to speed around it and end up crashing into another car.
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    JackeryFox reacted to iansonwheels in LSPDFR0.2 Traffic Stop Notifications Problem   
    You have to enable phone notifications in your game settings to allow those types of messages to show.
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