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    iEcosan got a reaction from CCARPENTER in Current Generation Police Vehicles (2011-Present)   
    This should be pinned many times. Awesome!
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    iEcosan reacted to 0taku in iOS 7   
    your kidding me, I haven't even updated to IOS 6 yet 
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    iEcosan reacted to gangrenn in Gangrenn's models [REL/WIP]   
    Here is the list of my works in progress, and releases.
    I can make model (CVPI, impala, chevrolet Tahoe, dodge charger) & texture
    When requesting: add screenshots of the car
    Requests: Currently not taking requests
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    iEcosan reacted to alexks101 in ELS7 Fix Center   
    Disclaimer : there is no guarantee that any of those suggestions will work for you, anyway, it doesn't cost anything to try them.
    I'm just indexing here what (seems to) work for me and for other people. Hope it'll help some of you as well.
    Yes, some issues are PEBCAK or "incompetence" fault, but some of them are not. Don't PM me for support request, use this thread.
    Don't post here to be arrogant and saying "ELS doesn't crash, you're just a noob". ELS7 is wonderful and stable, but nothing is perfect.
    Feel free to submit suggestions or ask support here. Maybe it's better than having hundred of similar topics about "ELS crashes".
    This list will probably be updated when needed, in case of new fixes, new errors, and other suggestions/reports.


    * FIX CENTER *
    1) What to do first
    A - Read, entirely, the awesome ELS User Guide (PDF) provided in the ELS7 archive. A lot of answers are already featured in this documentation.
    B - Have a look at the excellent >Setup Guide by NicolaiB, the >Announcement topic, check tutorials, and also check other topics, maybe you'll find an answer here.
    C - Be sure that all the ELS7 files are installed correctly, that you have the required components, and that there are not weird things in the ini files of ELS7 (almost keybindings).
    D - Try to install default ELS7 on a fresh & clean GTA IV installation, launching a new game (no saved game), without any other mods except one ELS7 car of course.
    Some savegames can be corrupted, some files can be f*cked up, and some mods can conflict (maybe like StrobesMod and his AI settings, but I'm not sure as I don't use it with ELS).
    2) If you still have issues
    Especially parts 2C & 2E, they are the most probable solution.
    A - You can try Xliveless instead of Dsound (asi loaders), it worked for a few people, not me though.
    B - Try removing "extra" parts from the vehicles.ide file, it seems to worked for me about ingame crashes after XX minutes of gameplay, however I'm not 100% sure.

    C - Try disabling ELS7 for AI cars in SinglePlayer mode. It's annoying, but, it works for 98% of people (it worked for me, but read "D" below).
    In ELS.ini file, misc settings section, at line 55 : Ai_Els_Sp = off
    D - If "C" above worked, check in the VCF files (in ELS folder) the AI settings for them. For me, the issue was "cruise lights" enabled for AI cars on bflo_vector.ini from LtCaine's ELS7 Modified Cars Pack.
    I set it to "off" (OnForAiCars = off, at line 7), and in ELS.ini file I restored "Ai_Els_Sp" to "on", it seems that I don't have crash after loading screen anymore. So check attentively, it can be an individual AI setting as well.
    E - If "C" above worked, you can also try to set the "ClearRandAiExtras" to "off" and re-enable "Ai_Els_Sp" to "on". If it works, then try to reduce a lot the "ClearAiExtrasDist" and re-enable ClearRandAiExtras.
    If this last attempt doesn't work, then you'll have to disable ClearRandAiExtras. If it continues to crash, see "2) C" again. Majority of crashes are due to AI settings.
    F - You can try to reduce some settings, ELS7 can be resource-intensive. Some settings that can help reduce lags and crashes (ELS.ini file) :

    Also, if your computer is a bit weak, don't forget to read the topics about improving and fixing graphics/resources issues.
    3) Miscellaneous
    Because some issues can be non-related to ELS7
    A - As said at the beginning, try a new game, maybe you've saved a parked vehicle or you've saved as another ped than Niko/Johnny/Luis.
    B - As said at the beginning, try a clean GTA install (or restore clean backups), maybe one of the recently modded file/vehicle screwed up everything.

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    iEcosan got a reaction from br100x in Is a GTX 460 better than a GT 520?   
    If you can't really save a lot of money, try buying the GTX 480, I know it's not produced anymore but, I think you can find it on online stores somewhere.
    Or just buy the GTX 560ti. If you are out of luck, try AMD.
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    iEcosan got a reaction from DeluxeBrian in LCPDFR MP: Across The States   
    Is that HD textures mod? And which ENB is that? (Second video)
    Other than that, awesome series! Keep them coming!
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    iEcosan got a reaction from Him1250 in Current Generation Police Vehicles (2011-Present)   
    This should be pinned many times. Awesome!
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    iEcosan reacted to gangrenn in The answer to the Frequently Asked Questions   
    You do realise that 90% of the time i have to write the same answer ? at least now i'll give the link to this topic.
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    iEcosan got a reaction from TheDanishGuy in looking good ENB   
    Download: http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/enb-settings-v60-f21337
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    iEcosan reacted to CrossFire in ELS v6 sirens. Help!   
    Its actually "H" to turn on, "Y" for airhorn, and "T" to change siren. 
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    iEcosan reacted to Yard1 in Large Address Aware - a possible way to increase GTA IV stability   
    Hey guys,

    I don't know how many of you know about Large Address Aware - it's an application thanks to which programs can use more than 2 gigs of memory on x64 systems. Quote from original topic on techpowerup.com:

    So, how does this apply to GTA IV, you ask?


    After applying the LAA flag to GTAIV.exe, my game is much more stable. It might be just a placebo effect, but it feel smoother, textures pop up faster and it crashes less (from 15 mins. to about 30 - 45).

    Link to the application and instructions how to use it are here - http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112556.

    It also works with other games!

    Just remember, you must have x64 Windows to use it.

    Try it out and let me know if it worked for you!
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    iEcosan reacted to Cj24 in Cj24's Modifications   
    Now released:
    2013 Ford Police Interceptor - Liberty City Police Department (ELS7)

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    iEcosan reacted to KyneiZero in Cj24's Modifications   
    Been wanting to use the "Taurus" model and this one looks beautiful.
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    iEcosan reacted to Carrythxd in Why release only textures?   
    Police 1, Police 2, Noose, Police Patriot (polpatriot), Noose Stockade (nstockade), Police Stockade (pstockade) and Police Maverick (polmav)
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    iEcosan reacted to St.Kizza in Why release only textures?   
    The thing is that modders can upload skins as they want, but you are not allowed to upload models that you havent made without permission. Some modelmakers says it is ok to upload skins with the model as long as you give them credit for the model and don`t claim it as your own. I can see your frustration but if you find a cool skin you can ask the creator wich model it fits. :-) 
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    iEcosan got a reaction from AlconH in Start play?   
    You didn't install it wrong. You're pressing the wrong keys. Just press CTRL + ALT + P.

    You're welcome.
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    iEcosan got a reaction from Cyan in GTA IV memory bug, please help!   
    It won't let you change anything in the settings because of the commandline file you created, delete it and try again.

    Off topic: Is every SuperClocked EVGA card is Ti?
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    iEcosan got a reaction from WelshPancake in Newbie questions (sorry if in wrong place)   
    Laptop won't work. Get a PC or build your own.
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    iEcosan got a reaction from Darksnippez in CLEO make my game crash   
    Well that because you didn't download the fix I think?
    Delete the current version of SAPD:FR, and go to FRmods.com, download it from there.
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    iEcosan got a reaction from JAM in Question on GTA San andreas   
    I don't know why people are buying GTA SA these days instead of downloading it lol, I downloaded it and the game RARELY crash.
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    iEcosan got a reaction from JAM in SAPD FR FOR GTA 5?   
    I think you should leave it for SAPD:FR team :), ask them first
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    iEcosan reacted to Harper in SAPD FR FOR GTA 5?   
    As far as I'm aware, the person who created the SAPD:FR mod for SA asked Sam for permission to use the name / interface.
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    iEcosan reacted to Supper in SAPD FR FOR GTA 5?   
    It would be great to have an SAPD: FR for GTA V. Highway patrol would be taken to a new level, as it looks like cars in GTA V actually drive above 45mph on the highway! The map also looks to be much bigger, so callouts and pursuits could be much more expansive. The AI is also something that is something to look forward to. They might actually be consistently coordinated!
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