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  1. Idea! How bout a TOUR GUIDE!!!! I think that would be cool... Just me? Ok... -NumbNuts
  2. Quick question before I download, does it replace any cars, or does it create there own?
  3. Could you please, please, please, PLEASE, not make it a cursor based menu. Please make it numberpad or arrowkey menu. I know I'm not the only person with this bug, but I may be one of the few. I can't use it because my cursor just stays in the middle of the screen and it's like a magnet. I can partially move it away, but then it goes back. So, could you please add the choice to use numbad, thank you.
  4. So I heard this has a turn tire feature in it, is that true. If so I am downloading it right away.
    Love this mod. I mainly love using the Canine, just wish he didn't kill. oh, and btw I have an idea for a callout. A canine sniff callout. Officer is doing a traffic stop, you get called, then you sniff the vehicle.
  5. I remember a while back, the reason I couldn't get my cops to move was because of Scripthook. try deleting it and see what happens. It worked for me.
    I love this mod. I love being able to know my street name wherever I go. I like this one so much because for me, when I use Scripthook and RAGEhook at the same time, it busts my LSPDFR. So with this I know where I am, AND I can still play. Thanks.
  6. I just uninstalled and installed GTA V and it magically worked.
    I love it! Adds much immersion to patrols. A Must have for LSPDFR players.
  7. Is there any way I can have a default GTA V folder without a full re installation. Or at least with LSPDFR? Like just vanilla LSPDFR with no plugins? Is it possible? I can't just delete the plugins cause I have some callout plugins and stuff, so is it possible, and if so, how.
  8. Is there a faster way to switch between the two, other then going to the interaction menu?
  9. It was kind of a call for help, I was curious if anyone else had the problem. Thanks for the reply though. :)
  10. Is it just me, or are other peoples traffic stops rarely normal. Like, I always get someone to run from me. This doesn't always happen, but most stops it does. Installed PlugIns LoadPlugin BreathalyzerRAGE.dll LoadPlugin CopHolster.dll LoadPlugin EntityPersistence.dll LoadPlugin PedSearch.dll LoadPlugin PoliceRadio.dll LoadPlugin Spotlight.dll LoadPlugin TrafficControl.dll LoadPlugin VehicleSearch.dll LoadPlugin SpeedRadar I also have CalloutsV, Code 3 Callouts, and that other callouts mod, I forgot the name of it, sorry.
  11. I just remove the scripthook.dll from my GTA V directory.
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