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  1. DLM3

    ELS doesn't work

    Sadly ELS is just a piece of crap. Earlier this summer I asked for advice as my lightbar broke for no reason, same version of everything that I played the day before, same vehicles (that had been working fine since I installed them), etc. And for no reason again, it fixed itself a couple of days later. Guess what, today I'm firing up LSPDFR and my lightbar is broken again for no reason. I can bet that in a few days it will be magically fixed though I did nothing.
  2. Well... Anyway I just launched the game tonight and it was fixed. Don't ask how, I have no clue why it broke in the first place and I have no clue how it fixed itself.
  3. Anyone? Anything, please?
  4. Hi, I have been struggling for a couple of hours with an issue that suddenly arose for no reason: none of the lightbars of my ELS vehicles are working anymore. These are vehicles that I have been using for a long time with no issue, I was still playing last night with no issue and today all of them are broken. I can see the lighting around but the lightbar itself just has no lights: I have made no change at all since last night, I haven't edited any mod, I haven't added any mod, even with no relation to GTA nothing has changed on my machine. I have seen this topic and followed the suggestions (even saw an update to OpenIV when I launched it that made me thought I finally figured out the issue) but none of them fixed it. I really have no idea anymore about solving something that was working fine a few hours ago and would welcome any input...
  5. DLM3

    LSPDFR Crashing **HELP**

    Have you tried without any additional mod (even the trainer), just vanilla LSPDFR? If it works fine then you can add your plugins one at a time to identify which one is causing the issue.
  6. DLM3

    GTA 5 + RPH Crashes on startup.

    I had the same issue today (and the last time I played LSPDFR was like a couple days ago, with no problem). Starting RPH and GTA crashing. Starting GTA alone and it was crashing too. Make a backup of GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, steam_api64.dll (in the game folder) and update.rpf (game folder > update). Nothing new, the usual stuff to revert to a previous version of the game. If you have the game on Steam: in your game library right click on GTA V > Properties > Local Files tab > Verify integrity of game files, that will make sure that you have the lattest version. In your GTA directory place the various ScriptHook files in a temporary folder (especially if you are playing with a much older version, ScriptHook may not be compatible with the lattest game version). Start GTA V itself, not through RPH, and you'll see that it updates R* Social Club before launching (I think that this is the culprit causing our crash, an outdated version of Social Club, so it's possible that you may even save you all these trouble by updating it if you can do it manually). It doesn't matter if the game still crashes at some point, it did for me after the Loading screen. If it didn't crash just quit the game, place your ScriptHook files back in the game directory, replace GTA5.exe, etc. with the files that you backed up earlier. And start RPH. You should be able to start the game now.
  7. Great to hear (yeah I'm late to the party). This mod really became a separate game in itself.
  8. What's the deal with the vast majority of cars lately and back seat passengers having their head stick out through the roof? No more care for details anymore...
  9. Hey, recently I wanted to change the Charger that I had been using for such a long time (like almost since I started playing LSPDFR) especially to upgrade to an ELS model. I was in love with this car, it looked great except the interior that was "only" decent since it goes back a couple years ago and being non-ELS for the same reason. Problem is I cannot find one Charger that actually satisfies me. I am not trying to be a jerk with modders, seriously. There are really nice cars out there but in all honesty it seems that there is no care for details anymore (it's all about high polygons, often way too high and causing memory issues after playing for a while when many of these cars spawned), for instance one of the most common issues that I have seen with recent vehicle models is passengers on the back seat having their head sticking out. Second most common issues is the wrong position of hands on the wheel. I have been scouting the vehicle section page by page, checking each Dodge one by one (but not all vehicle packs so my hope is one of those actually includes this jewel) and there is always one detail that puts me off. Does anyone know of a Charger that: - is ELS enabled - doesn't have a useless high polygon count - makes sure that back seat passengers don't stick out through the roof - has a right position of hands on the wheel - includes a template file to modify the livery if need be - has either a deployed spotlight (even if not working) or functional ELS take-down lights (lightbar or spotlight with no real preference) If you've seen such a treasure <3 Thanks!
  10. DLM3

    LSPDFR Computer+

    Just going to +1 @HotFuzz , it would be a nice addition. On one hand it took me that long to notice this detail so it is not like it is game breaking, but now that I have seen it... I believe that most people indeed RP as an U.S. police officer so $ makes more sense
  11. DLM3

    LSPDFR Computer+

    After months of use I have just noticed for the first time when handing the ticket that the currency was in €, I assume because it is using my regional settings. I have looked closely at the INI and various XML files (especially the citation one), is there a way to change the currency? Or am I just blind and missing the setting?
  12. Thanks for the reminder, not that people really see this tag as only the main ones appear on the store page, but still...
  13. It doesn't matter if they're not selling as much as they used to (and just for the record, their sale never really dropped, up until a few weeks ago GTA V was still the top seller on Steam) because anyone can still review at any time. You can even change your review and rating at any time, which was actually the whole point of adding an additional rating last year: overall and recent. Because game can evolve and the overall rating may not be indicative anymore of the state of the game at the current time, that's why Steam allows you to change your review. So much this. Seriously. While there are good reasons to be pissed off by Take 2's move, there is no reason to freak out. You can still use OpenIV by disregarding the uninstall invite, you can still use mods, you can still play LSPDFR. The worst that can happen is being stuck with the current game version (that's why you make sure to back up the important game files) and that's not the end of the world. People can still create the most awesome mods with the current version, the LSPDFR team even just stated that they are testing a new version...
  14. Judging how easily the ratings of GTA V on Steam have flipped to negative, I'd say it is not that negligeable...
  15. DLM3

    Fictional 2016 ELS LAPD Dodge Charger

    Nice model really. Just one thing, would you be able to fix the position of the hands on the wheel?