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  1. If you have an updated gameconfig, it should be fine. SSR is really the only major thing.
  2. Best to stick to the normal dispatch, SSR is indeed quite unstable for the timebeing.
  3. Are you part of the RDE team? Please, tell us more about how the mod's been scrapped. I assume you must have the inside scoop.
  4. The file makes it so that gangs hate each other, and cops dislike gangs. So when a gang ped sees a rival ped, they'll attack them. Combined with the modified popcycle that increases police and gang presence throughout the city (so you'll see more gang and police cars in traffic/on the streets), it leads to more emergent firefights. We actually used to have a version of the relationships file that had cops also hate gangs rather than just dislike. Led to even more constant chaos, with neverending sirens as cops would actively hunt down gang members in the nearby vicinity.
  5. If the amount of violence in urban areas is too much, just delete the relationships file in update.rpf-common-data.
  6. The edited relationships file is something I'm quite proud of putting together, though it's somewhat divisive in that it makes conflict a bit too common for some tastes. But combined with NefariousBonne's revamped loadouts file, and Yard's ambient police backup system, it makes driving around the gang-infested areas of Los Santos a lot more interesting. Good to see people enjoying it.
  7. Thanks to Custo's help, we'll be bringing in YMT-enhanced peds. Yard has also overhauled the female peds; BCSO and LSSD peds now have different heads, LSPD has an extra Latino head, and they all have armour components in-line with their male counterparts.
  8. FIB's getting a lot of love in the near future (LSPD vest there isn't official RDE. It's my own custom texture).
  9. We'll likely include an optional relationships file that allows for far more ambient gun battles between various gangs and cops. Davis and Rancho in particular can get pretty nuts.
  10. Been doing some testing with the popcycle recently. I made a custom popgroup consisting of some police vehicles and added it to the airport as the only vehicle group. However, the result is no vehicles spawning in traffic. Mods like Olanov's "Back on the Beat" mod seem to do what I'm trying to do now, so I'm curious why it's not working in my case.
  11. No problem, I appreciate the kind words :)