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  1. Source on that? Not that i don't believe you, I just haven't heard about it and want to read into it further.
  2. A cats life a day keeps the 0.4 release date away.
  3. This looks more and more like it could be a standalone game everytime you post. You guys are truly doing a great job. Is the police Greasly going to be added to 0.4 as standard or are you using mods in the screenshot? Either way I can't wait.
  4. HI HELLO AND WELCOME! A very while back I installed a handling mod for GTA 5 that made the driving more "realistic", increasing suspension lenght, making the cars heavier and so on. However i didn't like that handling so i removed it and replaced it with my backup. And here is the problem, some handling aspects are of the mods are stil there. The suspension are 3 miles in lenght and it feels like driving a rock on a slippery Tuesday night. I have tried to verify the game files, replace the handling file with other modded files, and even removing to see if the game would download the original one. Things like the suspensions un-stiffness and the cars top speed is like the original GTA. But still some aspects of the mods is still there, as mentioed above. How do i really get rid of it and get the original handling back? Or have R* severeely updated the handling of the cars since i last played? I mean i can still play the game but the AI doesnt know for shit how to do it, cop chases are not fun anymore. And mods like LSPDFR cant be played correctly thanks to that Sorry for the unnecessary long post and the preasumably bad english. Thanks in advance.
  5. Oh okay. How do you do the thing with verification on the retail version?
  6. So uh, hi guys! I have a bit if an issue. You see, I downloaded a handling mod for more "realistic" driving. And the thing is, I didn't make a backup. Or if I did, I have accidentally edited the backup. So my question is: Does someone have/ Where can I download the original handling file as of I'll Gotten Gains 2 update. Thanks in advance // Me
  7. Hi yall! Now bear with me. I am using a bit of a couple of mods and I know that you will get banned using mods Online. But, what about the Content Creator? If I recall correctly you will have to sign in to the Social club to use the creator so no offline usage here. So does the creator count as online and you will get banned? Or is it safe to use when having mods installed? Thanks in advance.
  8. I have seen couple of GTA vehicles now with a lightbar attached to it? Is it a mod that allows that?
  9. The controlls can be found a bit down on THIS page.. Next time read the "readmes" and the user documentation before asking for help. Because it most probably is said in there.
  10. No, mods for GTA IV will not work for GTA V. None of them except for certain tools like OpenIV and such. You will have to wait until someone makes this mod, or something like it, for GTA V.
  11. It can be caused by a "Police ignore me" thing by trainers. So if you have a trainer be sure to have such things turned off.
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