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    Announcing the Coastal Callouts Beta!
    I am very pleased to finally announce that Coastal Callouts is now in semi-public beta. To kick off the occasion, we have two new LSPDFR episodes from some of my favorite youtubers and fellow LSPDFR developers, @Darkmyre and @Albo1125. Please check out these videos to get a small preview of some of the features of Coastal Callouts! Rest assured this is just the beginning, there are several other callouts already in progress that are available to testers but not quite ready for videos, and many other features and callouts which are in progress and didn't make it into these two episodes.
    Development of the mod is still ongoing, and it's not ready for release. In particular, I have yet to start working on an installer for the DLC, and I have numerous important features of the mod that are still incomplete or need significant improvement. However, it is at a point where it is stable enough and easy enough to use that I feel comfortable inviting more people to participate in the beta process. To keep the size of the testing team manageable, I have decided to make the beta available to people who have provided assistance in the development process, and to Parks Benefactors - people who have donated to support my mods. If you helped in the creation of this mod in some way, you should have already received an invitation via PM, and if you have already donated you should have received information about the Parks Benefactor program. 
    For those who have not yet joined, you can join the Parks Benefactor program at https://parksmods.com/donate/. Please take note that the lowest donation level, "parks supporter," does not include access to unreleased mods like Coastal Callouts, it only includes early access to updates to existing mods like Custom Backup and Better EMS. If you do chose to donate at the Parks Benefactor level or above, you will be granted beta access to all of my modifications, including Coastal Callouts and updates to all of my other plugins. Full details and terms & conditions are available on the web page above. Please make sure to accurately fill out your username on the donation form. After your donation is received, I will contact you via email or private message to invite you to the beta testing discord server, and get you set up to install and test the mod. 
    In addition to joining the Parks Benefactor program, you can also get access to the Coastal Callouts beta through any of the following:
    Purchasing a 3D model that can be used with the Coastal Callouts DLC. Please PM me for information about what models are needed and which ones would be appropriate. Anybody who buys a model we need will get beta access, but you must confirm with me first to make sure somebody else hasn't already bought the model, and that it's suitable for conversion to GTA V. Make a donation of $50 or more to the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or JDRF. Please put PNWParksFan as the person you are donating on behalf of if the form has a place to specify. Then, PM me a screenshot of your donation receipt email, ensuring that the donation date, your email address, and the donation being on behalf of me are shown. If you currently or previously served in the US Coast Guard, and have some experience previously playing LSPDFR (e.g. you know how to install mods and are comfortable with basic LSPDFR gameplay) please send me a PM to be considered for beta participation.  I will randomly choose one person who has liked this post by 11:59 PM US Pacific Time on Friday, February 10th to receive free beta access!  
    Thank you again to everybody who has helped this mod get to this point, and especially to everybody who has already joined the Parks Benefactor program. I am looking forward to getting feedback from this wider audience, and continuing to improve the mod until it's ready for general release!
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