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  1. mapet2001


    Everything is amazing, there are some tweaks that could be made to the FPIS, but other than that it is a great pack, I would love to see replacements for the sheriff slots as well. Well Done!
  2. Therefore, Q: So could someone make a Escort one? A: Mhm
  3. Hmm How? ohh you mean the AI's control? if so then yes
  4. mapet2001

    best spots to run radar

    Hmm one of my favorites is right next to the intersection to go on the road next to Chumash, Banham Canyon it is called "Ineseno Road" and it is really near to Great Ocean Highway it may not be the best spot but I love it ; ) Check the Screenie
  5. Ohh okay, if anyone is able to, though....?
  6. Couldn't you make it like a Direct Follow/Mimic ?
  7. Some Callouts plugins have recently added Escort callouts (f.e Medical Escort) and I remembered the VIP Escort Plugin both in GTA V and GTA IV, and I don't really get why it got discontinued.... I loved it many did actually. Just an idea.. could someone continue a plugin like LSPS for GTA V, that would include everything the former one had? (A one trying to stop an escort would be nice as well [for example a Mafia Leader or something] ).
  8. mapet2001

    Met Police & London Sirens for GTA 5

    Another great mod by DD (I know it is quite old). However, a suggestion ,could you create a new one adding the Hi-Lo sirens.
  9. I have contacted SecuRom Support and they responded in a million weeks telling me to send them the Launch Analysis Log I sent it before 2 months : ), I am still waiting for a reply. I am struggling with this Issue over 4 months now I have tried everything, I have re-downloaded GTA IV a hundred trillion times same problem each and every time. When i am starting GTA IV with Administrative Rights i firstly get a Black screen and after that GTA IV quits itself and when i run it with xliveless I am getting an Infinite Loading page -cries- . Could anyone please help and if someone knows how to help me with the Launch Analysis Log i will have it attached bellow. I am desperate!!!! AnalysisLog.sr0
    One of the best, if not the best, pack in the game so far and the best one that you've made! Please consider completing the TO-DO list it would be awesome!
  10. mapet2001

    FBI Tahoe

    It is a great model indeed, quite realistic however i do not like the side runner lights I think it is screwing the whole model up : (. FYI : I am rating the model and i don't like the side-runners.. Because i really sound like i am a jerk you can upload the model with no side runners but anyways it is a wonderful model, one of the most realistic ones around
  11. mapet2001

    My game is crashing after i downloaded a Vehicle Mod

    Thanks a lot : ) It is Actually working LOVE YOU : )
  12. mapet2001

    My game is crashing after i downloaded a Vehicle Mod

    Okay thanks : ) lets see