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  1. Car is good but lighting setup is a bit wrong. Steady burn has to be extra_10 so in els file it could be set wright. And I am experiencing the same problems as others. Besides the lightbar white flashing only needs to be in front. Best LAPD FS Valor lighting setup I have seen are in Dodge Charger 16' made by 0sc4r See for your self.
  2. +1 on that. Car is realy nice.... best FPIU there is.
  3. Very nice, we need a nice MB Sprinter, all around are terrible.
  4. When I had a problems with cars that had sirensetting 13, I just swiched to sirensetting 1. I have my own version of carols, in base it's lundy's file and added bxbugs sirensetting 704, and everything works fine.
  5. Mod is great, if only there woud be a Ford wheel pack....
  6. Nice, I just cant wait. Good luck with work. By the way i still use your CVPI Arjent as police1 it is the best all around LAPD CVPI awailable, but there are some things that you could try and upgrade, like lightbar try getting it to work like BxBugs or Scuderio's
  7. It works perfect. Lights are visible during day and not too bright at night. Now just need to get this kind of file for detective 96' CVPI P.S. what is your plans for the blue rotator who does nothing??? I havent seen it in use IRL.
  8. Ok, car is great but I have same old problem, I'm using Radiance V ar your steady Red looks like steady pink. I could fix it my self if someone could tell me how???
  9. I hope you will do all your old cars for new carols so that they all will comply California Vehicle Code Section 25252 "Every authorized emergency vehicle shall be equipped with at least one steady burning red warning lamp visible from at least 1,000 feet to the front of the vehicle, in addition, authorized emergency vehicles may display revolving, flashing, or steady red warning lights to the front, sides or rear of the vehicles."
  10. The car looks great but the sign police is too large. I'm waiting for this car for a while.
  11. I have a issue that some sirens are mute for some time than a few second burst and the silent again, i did check the size of vehicles folder.
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