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    MrMan104 reacted to Kallus in Grand Theft Auto IV LCPDFR   
    Hello.  In the future, please only bump your topic once per day, or if the topic goes to the second page.
    Locking per request.

    If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    Your topic has been moved to LCPDFR Support Requests.
    Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    MrMan104 reacted to 0taku in Graphics issue after downgrading?   
    This might help

    This happens sometimes with GTA iv as it was only really built for cards with 2gb Vram. Any over can confuse the game and it assumes it less then 2
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    MrMan104 reacted to Illusionyary in oldest police vehicle currently in service?   
    Since we've got a few Japanese police cars here, the R34 is still in service as of December 2016.
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    MrMan104 reacted to OfficerFive0 in Zmodeler 3 crack error   
    i believe this is your problem
    "zmodeler 3.1.2 crack"
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    MrMan104 reacted to Thehurk in OfficerUnderwood's DEV models thread (Current project: Who the fuck knows)   
    Are those all in DDS format?
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    MrMan104 reacted to OfficerUnderwood in OfficerUnderwood's DEV models thread (Current project: Who the fuck knows)   
    Expect to see this soon in the DEV section.

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