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  1. SCHP803

    South Carolina Patrols, Car & Uniform textures

    I've been trying to make some accurate textures for both my peds and vehicles for a while now, so I figured I'd share some of the ones that I have made myself and put into the game.
  2. SCHP803

    Liberty City Patrols

    An album of pictures of the vehicle textures I've made for the city, county and state of Liberty.
  3. Ok, I made the corrections. Everything look ok now? I like my home state cars to look as accurate as possible.
  4. 10-4. I'll work on it when I get a chance and try again. Do you know where a picture of the rear is online? Is the text the same color as the door, or white? and I can add the car and team numbers pretty easily.
  5. Thank you. I've made a few more for some of my local agencies, but I wanted to see how these did before releasing any more.
  6. Version 2


    Two skins I made for the city of Charleston, South Carolina Police Department.The vehicles themselves are not mine, but because I downloaded them so long ago I can't remember who made the Taurus. But the charger is NickieB's slicktop charger with traffic advisor found at https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/1646-slicktop-charger-traffic-adviser/?st=10
  7. Do you just want the crown vic livery? If not, do you want the black scheme on a charger or would you want their new paint scheme? -Bryan
  8. SCHP803

    CVPI + Charger model request.

    Cool deal, it will be greatly appreciated. Basically, these are the two cars I'm trying to make accurately. I can do the skins, I just can't make the models. http://www.lcpdfr.com/uploads/monthly_09_2014/post-180746-0-91835900-1411508011.jpghttp://www.lcpdfr.com/uploads/monthly_09_2014/post-180746-0-51976600-1411508016.png
  9. It looks great! Any way you could make one with the same grille, but add a push bumper and take out the cage? I'm trying to make an SCHP car and can't find any proper ones lol
  10. Can anyone out there make a Crown Vic with a chrome grille, no cage, push bumper and a whelen liberty lightbar? I've been trying to find such a vehicle on here to make a certain agency but have had no luck as of yet. I'm also trying to do the same thing with a newer model charger. I've found plenty of good chargers on here but they all have cages or are slicktops/unmarked. Any help would be appreciated.