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    apatt7882 got a reaction from willpv23 in ELS still not working. Any help appriciated!   
    Wow you're absolutely right. I have it, but it's in the bin folder at the top. Guess that won't do me any good up there will it?  Thanks, I'll let you know if it works!
    You, good sir, are a life saver! Thats all I was missing! Thank you!
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    apatt7882 reacted to 0taku in 2017 Pierce Arrow XT (W.I.P)   
    Sick of all those Crappy Vanilla deck guns. Well have no fear, because 0taku is here with a more realistic one WITH proper LODs. Deck gun will be featured on my Arrow XT pumper and might be a DEV release (the deck gun, not the pumper).
    I am currently also working on the L3 but I though I would share what I have so far.
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    apatt7882 reacted to 0taku in 2017 Pierce Arrow XT (W.I.P)   
    Deck gun

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    apatt7882 reacted to 0taku in 2017 Pierce Arrow XT (W.I.P)   
    So I wanted to convert a Pierce Firetruck to GTA for some future projects. After not find one to convert, I though about making one myself, and by god is it looking good. here are some screens so far. BTW EVERYTHING has been scratch made by me in ZMod, Yes that's right Zmod. It will also have a working water cannon
    I have no release date currently but I do plane to make an ELS and maybe a Non-ELS 
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    apatt7882 reacted to Thekid96 in Slicktop Chevy Caprice (Request)   
    there is a slicktop caprice available but it doesnt have what your after though. ill try and provide a link for you :) 
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    apatt7882 got a reaction from Caine in Slicktop Chevy Caprice (Request)   
    No im sorry thats the only picture i have.. i would really settle for any slicktop caprice tho..
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    apatt7882 reacted to Hystery in Slicktop Chevy Caprice (Request)   
    The Caprice is probably one of the rarest vehicles around here, I've seen like... 3 of them being released. That's a shame considering it's a pretty awesome car.
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    apatt7882 reacted to STARTairsoft780 in [REQ] cvpi with bicycle on the back   
    Nice picture.
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