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  1. Yes, you my friend are right. After I posted my last comment I went to play GTA V and I got footage of my problem. After turning off game mode my problem has stopped.
  2. I know, I've recently checked it after Delta1848 recommended. Thank you.
  3. Mines been unchecked its still unchecked and I went to make the video and its fixed itself. So now I look like an idiot lol. After I updated my PC and tried to load RageHooks Settings Ragehooks app would just crash. Could never understand why though. Maybe the update had to settle in??? Weird. Thanks for your reply and advice though!
  4. So yesterday, I installed the new Windows 10 Creators Update. (Go HERE to view the new features of the update). After installing the update I wanted to see if it had any problems with gaming, because its suppose to be a gaming update as mentioned in the features notes. I launched GTA V all loaded nice and clean no errors nothing. But, when I went on duty I noticed that PoliceSmartRadio wasn't displaying. Hitting the toggle button and scroll buttons you could hear the sounds and use the plug-in, but no UI display. So, I tried to reload all scripts using the Ragehook Console. Toggle the console with F4 my screen freezes like normal as if the console would show up. But, the console doesn't show up either. So, if someone could help me with this issue or explain what it could be I'd really appreciate it! P.S, I will post a video shortly. -cRaZyIcE73
  5. just use the "download this file" button on the right of the web page and a list of file versions will be displayed.
  6. ComputerPlus is the latest stable version. Everything else is BETA.
  7. Yes, a lot of times when RHP updates it messes some of the coding the devs use in their plugins so they just have to update it all to be compatible with the new version if RHP not all plugins are like this only some.
  8. Considering that this happens for a lot of the plugins after a game and RHP update. Why don't you be patient and wait for everyone to update they're plugins to meet the update of RHP. Thanks.
  9. It always says, "System Update Check Failed.", But I've never seen or heard of this at all. give us details of what you did to lead up to this event so we could maybe recreate the action. Also like ainesophaur said, "Screenshot?".
  10. Here use my ini file. copy and paste it into your LSPDFR plugin folder. This Works for me so if this doesn't work for you then you need to reinstall all Computer+ files. Computer+.zip
  11. actually those aren't the vehicles I used... The crown Vic on the other hand I have no idea. I could give you my files but idk who to credit so idk if I should post the files.
  12. UI just flashes. but changing the ini helped!!
  13. no, I would use my controller and keyboard. but i would open up the computer+ via Controller right d-pad. but with the new version the keybinding for the controller was taken out. so i used E on the keyboard and right when it opened it didn't even show that login screen it just froze as i was in a traffic stop as i tried to open the computer with E; also my air horn was frozen on and was very loud and annoying haha.
  14. VERSION (Bleeding Edge Open Beta) Hotfix 660055 Was that last build that worked perfectly for me.
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