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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to OfficerWalenda in Windows 10 Creators update issue with GTA V mods?   
    Turn game mode or whatever it is off. Boom, problem solved.
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to Brad Philips Townley in Windows 10 Creators update issue with GTA V mods?   
    You need to check it, not leave it unchecked. 
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to Delta1848 in Windows 10 Creators update issue with GTA V mods?   
    I had the same issue. The fix is found below:
    1.) Go to RAGE Plugin settings by hitting the 'gear' when it is loading.
    2.) Go to "Game settings" tab on top.
    3.) Make sure "DirectX 11" is checked.
    Worked for me. Credit for fix goes to someone from the RAGE Plugin Discord channel. Hope this works for you as well!
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to Prophet in Check out ELS for V!   
    That is called a wind-down tone.  It is generally up to the siren creators to implement this.
    I have done this in my sirens in fact.
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to PBeezie80 in Check out ELS for V!   
    What makes no sense to is how you guys are rushing someone to release something that truly doesn't have to do anything for you guys... If he wouldn't have worked on it in the first place you guys wouldn't have shit... You guys are even lucky he told you he was in the process of making it in the first place. Grow up and act like you got some damn sense and stop acting like two-year-olds over a damn video game mod that whoever the maker is, doesn't really have to do for your ungrateful asses!!! You'd really be butthurt if he told y'all to go F yourselves and stopped making it, period. To the maker of ELSV, I apologize for these knuckleheads and take all the time you need to finish your project. 
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to thegreathah in Check out ELS for V!   
    So what you're saying is... it's coming out tomorrow @Prophet
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to Prophet in Check out ELS for V!   
    I just want to squash all the "when will it be released", "It's never gonna come out" and "It will be coming soon" comments.
    Currently there is NO, absolutely NO, set release date.  ELS is not done being worked on, it's framework is not yet where it needs to be.  All demonstrations and updates are simply that, demonstrations and updates.
    ELS could come out tomorrow it could come out 3 months from now WE DON'T KNOW.  Please be patient as the development of such a mod takes time and resources.  We are not purposely withholding the modification to tease or be selfish, the fact of the matter is, WHEN ITS DONE ITS DONE.
    With this being said, I want to thank ALL of you, the members of the community, on your continued support and patience during the development. We do this for you; seriously.
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to NewbCrazy in Check out ELS for V!   
    It was mentioned earlier - It is coming out, its just a matter of when.
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    cRaZyIcE73 reacted to DrDanthrax99 in Cant install siren   
    Okay, here's what you can do, this fixed it for me.
    1. Go into your current Resident.rpf
    2. Export your current vehicles.awc as an openFormats file. (.oac)
    3. Use this vehicles.oac file (and not the vehicles folder that comes with it) with whatever siren mods you want to install.
    (i.e. Replace the vehicles.oac the mod creator gave you.)
    4. Profit.
    Hope this helps.
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