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    YourWorstNightmare reacted to modest in One of the funniest and best dash cam videos I've seen   
    'I think I crapped my pants...'
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    YourWorstNightmare reacted to SiCK PUPPY in One of the funniest and best dash cam videos I've seen   
    The best part is how the deputy (I'm assuming) is like "Oh no, not this guy again" at the beginning, implying this has happened before.
    "How many times I gotta tell you you can't  ride down the street drunk on the lawnmower?"
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    YourWorstNightmare reacted to DukSezQuak in N/A   
    The RCMP members did manage to get the door open, as you can see in the video, but it appears the occupant then closed the door and proceeded to lock it, which led to the members deploying pepper spray and batons, so as to prevent any firearms needing to be involved.
    Overall, you have to really put yourself in the RCMP members' shoes, and imagine how much adrenaline they are going through. Unfortunately we don't live in a G rated world and yes, police officers will use profanity. So what? When you're in a situation like this, words escape you. Sure they are better choice words, but when you are witnessing someone smashing your cruisers and threatening your buddies life, your life, and everyone elses life, I sure as hell am not going to be like "please, get out of the car". It's no more Mr. Nice Guy after that.
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    YourWorstNightmare reacted to Riley24 in N/A   
    Pardon my French...
    But what a fucking asshole...
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    YourWorstNightmare reacted to LordGunter in How STUPID are some folks?   
    I just got a news article and small news clip from the internet.  It takes all kinds of stupid nowadays.  Laugh and point. 

    Also, you should NEVER try to eat the weed.  It WILL make you sick. Lol
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    YourWorstNightmare reacted to ed1984 in Russian police sends puppy to France to replace Diesel   
    Probably a Russian spy.
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    YourWorstNightmare got a reaction from AronJones in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    I know, I was talking to 06abrahb. I'm having the same issue, too, and can't get my game to start.