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    I thank you for the swift reply, I thank you for the update, much appreciated, please keep up the great work.
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    I was wondering, does anyone know if the ALASKA STATE POLICE PACK is going to be released soon or is it off, any information is much appreciated.
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    I was starting to do that a while ago but their lighting setup bothers me, too simple lightbar, and only one module rear light idk. Also congrats on the community team :)
    Ive got to admit, even though im from NY I hate the NY lighting laws.
    Oooh those are hot
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    San Francisco Police Department


    2014 utility

    2016 utility

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    Found this idk if i should keep working on this

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    That's a really cool idea! Hope someone makes it possible!
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    Honestly a bit distracted at the moment.  I have a LOT of stuff I work on, and I put a LOT of time into it.  I understand the need for this project as well as my other ped projects and I'll eventually get back around to it I'm just bit involved with some joint vehicle projects at the moment, but if I get caught up then I'll work on this again on the side.