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    its disabled by LCPDFR from the website side
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    Riva reacted to ReKraM in [CHARACTER][WIP] Enhanced Equipment   
    Good evening everyone!
    I started working on new equipment that will be implemented when Enhanced LSPD Cop V5 comes out.
    Pending tasks:
    - Meshes mapping and texturing unification.
    - New radio cord and commander models supporting different positions.
    - New taser model.
    - New ASP baton + pouch model.
    - New flashlight + pouch model.
    - New pepper spray + pouch model (Not confirmed).
    - New head models (Taken from Rockstar game models).
    - New uppr traffic vest model.
    - New uppr jacket model (Not confirmed)
    - Textures templates (Available on release).
    (Tasks are subject to modifications)
    Updated renders:



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    Riva reacted to Unknown Author in [CHARACTER][WIP] Enhanced Equipment   
    Yassss, New belts!
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    i would love this!
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    Riva got a reaction from NewbCrazy in [Done] Searching for callouts testers   
    im in @LowRid3R
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    Riva reacted to OfficerHackneyGaming in LSPDFR Website Error   
    I need help because when I go to click on the notifications section it gives me the following error:  ((Error code: EX0 Please try again later.))  Not sure what to do. It has been doing this for over a week or two now. Please help if you can. Thank you.
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    Riva reacted to Adrian92 in [WIP] [beta] WoutersCallouts - More callouts for LCPDFR   
    Hi! First of all, awesome script!

    Just downloaded it, but i'm having a few major problems.

    Is it working with the latest lcpdfr btw? The 1.0d

    And also when i try to spawn the callout by pressing ~ then Startcallout Securicarrobbery (example) it will spawn other callout inatead maybe homeless ppl causing problems, mugging, etc.
    Next problem i have is when i receive call regarding the LTA, everytime i arrive on scene it says case solved..and when i check the log file it says unable spawn ped after 2 attempt.

    Thirdly if i get a cardiac arrest call, when i arrive near the scene it will comeout an error saying lcpdfr has encountered and error and ask me to restart lcpdfr

    Lastly.. To be honest these are the only callouts i receive besides the original ones from lcpdfr.

    Really hope someone can help me with my problems..

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Riva got a reaction from TangoOne in LCPDFR 1.0d Now Released   
    still not working