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  1. STARTairsoft780

    2015 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor

    Looks like someone vandalized a cop car
  2. STARTairsoft780

    My first callout addon - MaRc4!

    what it do
  3. STARTairsoft780

    Zmodeler 2 to Zmodeler 3 Transfer UV Mapping Issue

    Just go to the materials browser, then go up to the top right(white box w circles) GTA V > Vehicle > Generic > Generic spec
  4. STARTairsoft780

    Zmodeler 2 to Zmodeler 3 Transfer UV Mapping Issue

    Try and make the shader default-spec
  5. STARTairsoft780

    Livery not reflecting

    Hey guys, so I keep having this issue with my vehicles. The livery environmental material isn't reflecting and instead is a dull sheet of ice like material. Here's the ig image: And heres my material layout:
  6. STARTairsoft780

    [ELS] LSPD Pack (Nashville Metro based)

    Los Santos' Guardians not Los Santos's Guardians.
  7. STARTairsoft780

    light fix cheval surge (vanilla)

    This is awesome. Only suggestion, make it a .ytd so we don't have to go in an edit it all. Just convenience Thanks!
  8. STARTairsoft780

    Broome County Livery Pack

    Looks good
  9. STARTairsoft780

    Local County Vehicles

    Livingston County NY. Nice
  10. STARTairsoft780

    Texturing Windows

    If the model is unlocked and you know how to UV map in Zmodeler. It's not an easy skill to learn but not that difficult either.
  11. STARTairsoft780

    Airport Callouts [WIP]

    Go ahead and be "helpful" then, please. For the sake of this community.
  12. STARTairsoft780

    Arma 3 Exile

    Does anybody here play Arma 3 Exile? Trying to get a big trading faction up with some RP involved. If you want to tag along my steam is STARTairsoft780 ;D
  13. STARTairsoft780

    [ELS] Chicago PD 2018 FPIU

    Not so much a fan of the checker striping on the bottom, but still looks sharp.
  14. STARTairsoft780

    ELS Lights Not Bright

    Try this out. ALWAYS works for me.
  15. STARTairsoft780

    Sheriff Crown Victoria

    Odd star, but unique design. I honestly like it