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Well, not really much to say as I don't want to really "add all of my information" to this. I'm 21. I used to work as a Customer Service Manager for a small company that created footwear for Sim Racing.. I used to be a Forum Moderator as well as an In-Game Moderator for a company called Eutechnyx

It's simple guys, I love to help. If you need help, ask me. If I can, I will. Just don't expect too much from me, please. I'm some-what new to the whole Mod Scene (despite my account creation date), but I'm rapidly learning about things.. I just can't help you make a mod, or paint one. I can take pictures of it and I can test it.. I just can't make it.. ;) I'm actually really experienced with testing!



Nvidia Windforce 4GB 980 OC

Intel i7-6700K @ 4.00GHZ

16GB Ram using Windows 7 Premium 64 Bit


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