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  1. Alright, to sum up my problem, the model in OpenIV and the model in-game are COMPLETELY different. I am 100% sure I am using the correct componentpeds file as well. Yes, I already tried replacing the WHOLE componentpeds file. Does anyone know any fixes? Bump
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    Vehicle Vandalism

    Vehicle Vandalism April 5th, 2014 At approximately 1925 hours, LVMPD Officers were dispatched to a vehicle vandalism through the 311 system. Officer James Rodriguez of the Patrol Division was dispatched to the scene. After Officer James Rodriguez arrived on scene, he immediately began writing his report. At 2025 hours, Officer James Rodriguez turned towards the street to see a vehicle driving erratically southbound on Shinnecock Avenue; the vehicle broke through the barriers and hung off the edge. Officer James Rodriguez contacted dispatch and calmed the suspect down. Las Vegas Fire Department, Las Vegas Medical Services, and Search and Rescue officers were immediately dispatched to the scene. LVMPD Traffic Bureau Sgt. Gordon Brown was in the area, and arrived on scene first. Sgt. Gordon Brown ordered the subject out of the vehicle and checked his vitals. After LVFD, LVMS, and SAR arrived on scene, they secured the vehicle and the suspect. Sgt. Gordon Brown issued a field sobriety test on the subject; after the sobriety test, the subject was deemed under the influence. Sgt. Gordon Brown placed the suspect in custody at 2134 hours. Released by: Sheriff Dre www.gta-lvmpd.com Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Clan LVMPD Alderney Convention Center Area Command Headquarters
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    From the album: Vehicle Vandalism

  4. DreLVMPD


    From the album: Vehicle Vandalism

  5. DreLVMPD


    From the album: Vehicle Vandalism

  6. DreLVMPD


    From the album: Vehicle Vandalism

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    LVMPD Clan

    Pictures from patrols/scenes
  8. From the album: LVMPD Clan

    A sneak peek into the LVMPD Academy - Traffic Stop demonstration. Seen in the picture: Lt. GeorgeJetSam (Patrol Division) Ofc. Burgerking (Patrol Division) P. Ofc. Corey (Patrol Division)
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    LVMPD Shots Fired

    From the album: LVMPD Clan

    A PD Sergeant responded to a 413(Person w/ Gun)! Shots were fired. 2 Patrol Division officers had to take the suspect down with lethal force.
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    From the album: LVMPD Clan

    LVMPD and LVFD clean-up a M.V.A on the highway
  11. From the album: LVMPD Clan

    The LVMPD Traffic Bureau Unit conduct a successful Sting/Bait operation.
  12. From the album: LVMPD Clan

    The LVMPD Traffic Bureau Unit conduct a successful Sting/Bait operation.
  13. The pack is exclusive thanks to cooperation with the developers, to use and have the pack you must be registered with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Clan which is located here.
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