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Big News!
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Credit 11John11 for making me want to get GTA V again
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Big News!

Remember all those times I moped around saying that I couldn't play GTA V? Well, as of earlier this morning, I now have a working - and moddable - copy of GTA V on Steam!


Now I have realised a few issues - my computer, which I bought specifically to handle GTA V at it's best nearly two years ago, can't run GTA V at top spec. Unfortunately, that means my screenshots aren't going to come out the best. But that's the best I can do at around about £700 worth of computer.


Also, I've got no mods installed. I'm working on that - I'm taking GTA V all the way back to lore-friendly 1992. I've just got to get some good mods together - anyone got a list of lore-friendly civ cars I can add in?


And also, I haven't really got my screenshot funk on yet. I'm working on getting screenshots properly set up, but I need to get used to these new key bindings. And also, I need to swap out the trainer for the Menyoo trainer. And don't worry, I'm not stepping foot into multiplayer.


I'm not abandoning GTA IV, though, I've still got stuff to do there. So stick around for a bit - it's going to be a while before I properly get going for GTA V.


11John11 for making me want to get GTA V again


© Hullian111
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