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Reach for the Sky

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While out patrolling today, the chief of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office couldn't help but notice Curt Smith racing around traffic and running red lights like there was no tomorrow. In an attempt to stop him, the Chief Chandler utilized the V8 in his new Caprice and raced after the suspect code 3. After several dangerous intersections and stoplights, the suspect slowed down in which Chandler thought he was stopping, however the biker raced away yet again, turning into a high speed pursuit. After about 10 minutes of driving, Smith braked a tad too hard and ended up with the rambar of the Caprice up his back wheel, causing him to fly off the bike, luckily unharmed. Chandler moved in for the arrest, while his other units attempted to catch up to the pursuit. After the arrest, it was discovered that Smith was one of the distributors for cocaine that had been sliding under the department's radar for months. He was also under the influence of cocaine at the time of the arrest (shocker!). Smith is now being questioned by the sheriff's office, in hopes that the supplier of this chain will be found, however as of now.. he's not budging. 

Model by: 72Will

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