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Officer Fernando Cruz with the Diamond Beach Police Dept. (DBPD) Seen here issuing a citation to a driver of a grey Super GT for speeding - Going 43 MPH (~70 KM/H) in a posted 30 MPH (~50 KM/H). Early mornings when there's no one around doesn't mean you have the right to exceed the posted speed limit.

*More stories and pictures from the Diamond Beach Police Dept. can be found in the spoiler below*


Officer Francis Leftwich and George Johnson seen detaining and investigating a reported 'Suspicious Activity' after a worried resident called the Paradise-Springs Co. Police Dept.'s non-emegergency number regarding the suspect. The two officers were quickly on scene and investigating. It turned out to be a lost grandpa, George Anderson, who 'belonged' to one of the residents but couldn't remember which house. After a 5-minute good old door-to-door police work the officers managed to find the right house and Grandpa George Anderson could enjoy the rest of the day.


Officer Francis Leftwich and George Johnson participating in a picture with Bruce Kingston, a tourist from North Yankton enjoying the evening sun during his last day in Diamond Beach before flying back.

These are just some of the events that happened today during the day shift. Follow @DBPD and/or visit www.dbpd.org for daily updates of what's going on in your community and how we serve & protect the city and community of Diamond Beach.

The website is 100% fake, so is all of these pictures and departments.

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Boynton Beach! ;) .. Can't wait for these ! Nice work mate !

Thanks! However, it's going to be a while, since everything's going to be released in one big pack.

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