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Cheval Fugitive PPV

I kinda wanted to change the rear end of this car little more closer to real life caprice. (Left: Before / Right: After)

This was my first ever attempt to actually make something other than assemble cars and parts together.....VERY difficult!

Yes, It looks rough and not perfect but I am so glad I got this done at least!

From the album:

Vanilla Cars

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Nicely done


I want the unlocked caprice so bad! I'm happy with this fake caprice atleast lol

Thanks, I always loved your models and getting positive feed back from good modders like you means a lot. 

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Hmm, nice work but for me it looks kinda derpy... Still nice work & 


For few reasons I think...

1. It's little too round overall

2. Taillights are too big

3. Corner of the rear bumper is kinda sitting high


Maybe I can work on that and see how it looks 

Thanks man!

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really nice attempt. I actually really like the look of it!


I didn't know and still don't know what i'm doing but I'm just happy I got it done lol And it came out better than I expected.

All your models are awesome and you are good modder, It means a lot to hear feedback from you.

Thank you so much!


Oh lord this is nice


I think I need to work on some more but I'm happy with this!

Man, I know you always release quality models and I do appreciate it.

I'm really new to all this modding scene and assemble cars.

I learn many things from models create by awesome modders out there including you.

Like I said to Chippy and GTAxB0SS, It means a lot to get positive feedback.


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