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"Dispatch,you lost the bet.I just touch her butt without her knowing.Here,ask your dog Robert.He was just beside me when I beat the hell outta you in this bet,loser.Haha I'm victorious! You owe me a beer,now dispatch."

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From the album:

My Diary

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Well, all I can tell is it's a Ford. But I haven't yet found a match to the front end (grill, headlights, etc.).

**EDIT: I'm starting to lean towards a Ford Escape.

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And can you find me an exact same model of Expedition made for IV? Cuz at least I can assure you that is NOT an Expedition,fo' sure.

For everyone else: No spoilers please.Let gnat guess this one.

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ELS Lighting Tip:

If you’re using ENB/iCE modification, the best possible configuration or “Wow†factor is to make sure your ENB/iCE config.ini file has bloom enabled and the proper values that suites your taste. Also, having a decent “visualssetting.dat†file (i.e. Bug’s radiance mod) and a nice timecycle files will also increases the wow factor. Later tonight, I will post a video on different ELS configs… gives me a chance to show off some new vehicles not available to the public.

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Thanks everyone for your great comments.

@BABz: I don't really like slicktops,but this one's an exception due to its unique looks.The first ever slicktop police vehicle I've allowed in my fleet.

@Ninja: Plus,many more.And of course,a big thanks goes to my rig for tolerating upto 85% of modded slots including all ELS-enabled fleet and two heavy weapons files.

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