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CVPI Unmarked 1

Unmarked CVPI I've put together in the past 2-3 days (2-3 days due to real life commitments outside of GTA)

Majority of the lighting products installed here are Whelen, with the exception of the Code 3 XT6 TA in the rear window, and possibly the Mini LEDs on the rambar

Whelen Inner Edge XLP from Hilth0's Whelen DEV Pack

Whelen Talon by BxBugs123

Mini LEDs scratch modelled, converted and textured by jasonct203

Front corner lighting, reverse lighting mapped by myself.

Window tint mapped to Tint by myself.

"Mini" antennas (from ALPR system) imported, and re-mapped to grey_antenna texture by myself

From the album:


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those lights on the front of the rambar look way to big, just my opinion...

They do here, but in game they are appropriately sized

They haven't been scaled in any way :)

I really like the light setup on this cvi you have, is this rcmp themed?

The light setup was made just from my mind.

Originally, it was not a theme in any way. But I do see how it could be RCMP themed :)

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