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Just wasn't this guy's day

The owner of the house and Mustang seen in this picture, got an unexpected visit from some very angry drug dealers.

The dealers arrested in the Dealer Meeting raid on Nov. 10/2013, had some members who were not present at the meeting.

The dealers learned after being hauled off to prison, that the owner of this house, who will be known as "Jim", actually called EPS, LCPD and RCMP and notified them of the meeting that day.

The dealers ordered their hitmen to eliminate Jim.

Jim was going about his daily routines, and had just gotten home from his part-time job, and was walking in his house, as his house was approached by 2 black Mustangs, 2 black Range Rovers, and 2 black Landstalkers.

When he saw these vehicles approaching, he at first didn't know who it was, but as he saw the one driver's face, he realized, these vehicles in-fact belonged to the dealers' hitmen, who were not present at the Nov.10/2013 meeting.

He instantly sprinted inside his house, locked all the doors, and telephoned police.

EPS, LCPD, and RCMP were at his house within minutes, as Jim was on their watch-list, since he tipped off police about the meeting, and knew he could be a target of the dealers' hitmen.

Within minutes, the area around Jim's house, was surrounded, by EPS, LCPD and RCMP Units, and also one RCMP SWAT/ERT Vehicle, and an LCPD Mobile Command Center, not there for communications, but occupied by at least 50 LCPD SWAT Officers.

The stand-off between police and the hitmen, lasted approximately 4 hrs, until the hit-men realized they were outnumbered.

They began walking out of the house peacefully, but as they all exited the house, they opened fire on EPS, LCPD and RCMP Officers.

Luckily, most of EPS', and LCPD's officers reacted quickly, and sprinted behind the SWAT Units for cover. However, 2 LCPD Officers were wounded in the process of running for cover.

SWAT Officers were left unharmed, as the hit-men were not using armor-piercing ammunition.

Liberty City Ambulance, immediately took the two wounded LCPD Officers into the ambulance and did their best to stabilize their vitals, until the fire-fight was over. After approximately, 1 hr of gunfire, between the hit-men and police, the hit-men surrendered peacefully. SWAT Officers immediately cuffed the hit-men, and placed them in the ERT Unit for holding.

Liberty City Ambulance was given the all clear to rush the two officers to hospital.

The two Officers are currently in the hospital, in stable condition, but will be unable to return to work for about 2-3 months.

The hit-men were charged with:

- Attempted Murder

- Possession of a Weapon

- Hit & Run

- Reckless Driving

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