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Scripts not loading in GTAV

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I downloaded a ton of scripts ever since I first installed LSPDFR, and none of them work except for the plug-ins, Scenar-IO, and LSPDFR by G!& Media of course, anyone can help> please see attached for what I have installed and tell me if I have to relocate it. LSPDFR works and I am able to pull people over, but I cannot use the walkie talkie , call the coroner, lookup plates via a push of a button and pretty much every script you see doesn't work.  Thanks!😀


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Looks like some of them are still .rar files in your GTA V directory?

First thing you'll need to do is unpack them using WinRar, then place the contents of the scripts into the 'plugins' folder.


I'd recommend removing any of the .rar files from your GTA V directory to clean it up a bit so that it's easier to see the correct files that should be in there.

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