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Nearby police patrols automatically joining pursuit

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Hey, so back then in 2017, when I started playing with LSPDFR, I found the best plugin/script (in my own personal opinion) which made the nearby patrol cars to join the pursuit, so I didn't have to call backup, they just simply joined by themselves. I just can't find it, and it's not that plugin which automatically calls backup for you, it was just a simple auto-join type thing, I can't explain any better. If you know what I'm looking for, could you just help me out? I'd be really glad. 

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hmm you have lspdfr+ installed correct?  

  in the .ini file  check the second line  and make sure the value is set to "true" like mine



/If true, other AI units will ambiently join the pursuit even if you don't call for them using LSPDFR's backup menu.
//If false, prevents ambient AI units from joining the pursuit unless you call for them with LSPDFR's backup menu.


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