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LSPDFR "Pursuit in progress" problem

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So for a while now, almost everytime I get the standard vanilla LSPDFR "Pursuit in progress" callout, it totally bugs. 

First, it takes me up to 5 attempts to accept that callout. I have to press Y up to 5 times until the pursuit even starts. When I arrive on the scene, there are 5 random cars (probably spawned by LSPDFR when pressing Y and the plugin tries to create the callout but failed for whatever reason) with no driver. Only the fifth one is actually a car in which the suspect drives away (if he can since there are 4 other cars around/on top of him).


Second, after I finally managed to trigger the callout and successfully accept it, it sometimes spawns totally weird peds. Once it spawned a North Yankton Officer with his North Yankton police car. Ofc, that totally bugged it out, since LSPDFR grabs that Ped and turns them into a cop but at the same time it turns them into a suspect. At the end I had to kill him, cos I was unable to arrest him. 



This problem does not occur with "Grand Theft Auto" and "Pursuit of armed suspects". Is there any mod that is known to cause these problems or is this a bug in LSPDFR itself? Or might be a problem with Open IV editing?

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17 hours ago, xMoneey said:

Problem still occurs. Does anyone got a solution? 🙂

do you have any outdated mods? Try removing outdated mods 

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