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Vanilla Fire Dept. Water Tender/Tanker

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Hi all,


With the introduction of the newest DLC "Arena War", there is a new vehicle called the MTL Apocalypse Cerberus. It appears to be an old tanker retrofitted with a flamethrower... Yeah.


I thought this would be the perfect candidate for a vanilla water tender/tanker, by removing the plow, front bumper, flamethrower, and giving it a new texture and a lighting package. I would be more than willing to give it a shot, but Zmodeler is something I can't afford to buy a subscription to right now, and even then, I can't create a texture template for the life of me.


Here's a video by GTA Series Videos showcasing it:



I hope this stirs up someone's imagination and motivation. I personally believe that the game needs some more vanilla fire trucks and I feel with this one, we're already halfway there.


I hope someone takes this on!




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Can't figure out how to embed the youtube video...

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