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When Arresting or Detaining Suspects They Always Attack

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So this has been an issue for quite some time for me and I just can't get to the bottom of this. When I'm arresting or detaining someone either through Stop The Ped or the normal LSPDFR arrest, they always seem to target me and start attacking me. Even when I'm just aiming a gun at them they start to attack me. I've tried individually testing every plugin and seeing what is causing it but I just can't notice which plugin is causing it. My guess is a plugin that modifies how suspects react like Arrest Manager or Stop The Ped is the main problem but like I said it's difficult for me to see. I don't think I have any other mod that modifies ped behavior but I could be wrong. Here is the list of LSDPFR mods I'm using:

  • Agency Callouts
  • ALPR Lite
  • Assorted Callouts
  • Attempted Crime Callouts
  • Better EMS
  • Callout Manager
  • Cheep Callouts
  • Code 3 Callouts
  • Computer+
  • Interaction+
  • OJcallouts
  • On Scene Backup
  • PeterU Callouts
  • Police Partner
  • Police Search
  • Police Smart Radio
  • Raven Callouts
  • Stop The Ped
  • Tacco Highway Callouts
  • Traffic Policer
  • Traffic Stop Backup
  • Wilderness Callouts


All plugins are up to date as of writing this post. I appreciate anyone who helps on me on this issue. Thanks for reading.

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Stop the ped has these settings. Have you changed them?


// The probability percentage (0-100) of the ped going to resistance during player interaction with the ped

// The probability percentage (0-100) of the ped will attack player instead of fleeing when they resist (determined by "PedResistanceProbability" parameter)

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