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Preston Vasquez

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I've recently installed LSPDFR and having some issues I'd like to solve, first sometimes I like to play GTA 5 regularly and having all the extra mods seem to mess up the game sometimes. How can I have 2 versions of the game where I can have one with my mods, and one without it? I'm running the steam version that is not cracked.


Whenever installing mods, should all mods go inside of /Plugins/ or inside of /Plugins/LSPDFR including audio?


Whenever I install police vehicles, the sirens seem to work, but not the lights. How can I fix this issue?


What are some recommended mods you use while playing LSPDFR to improve realism?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for your help!

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This has pretty much already been answered, but I have an itch for helping people if I can and are able to. So "short" answer;


- GTA V will launch from the folder called Grand Theft Auto V, if you make a copy of a clean GTAV folder, meaning you have two identical ones. One of them can be for online and singplayer and one for LSPDFR, or even a third one for FiveM. Just make sure that if you wanna play LSPDFR or FiveM that that actual folder is called Grand Theft Auto V. The game will not launch a folder called Grand Theft Auto V FiveM.


- Each plugin, script, vehicle mod, audio mod and so on will most likely have tons of readme files with the downloaded mod. Or tons of information on the mod page, read these as installing scripts or mods can mess things up, a lot. And when installing scripts and mods you need other files in order for it to work, so read everything. It's tedious but it's a must if you wanna sort out Gta!


- If lights don't work it's missing either the XML files or you don't have ELS installed. Again I'm sure way more information is at the linked topics above. Otherwise search for this; Emergency Lighting System 1.05


- There are tons of scripts and plugins to make the game more immersive and it's all personal preference. Best option would be to go to each category in downloads here on LSPDFR and pick the search type for 'most downloaded', those are usually what people go for. 

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