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Request for 2016 FPIU

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Hey everyone, 


I have made some skins for a pack that I hope to finish soon. When released, the pack will include realistic vehicles for a municipal police department, county sheriff's office, and state highway patrol. In addition, a second pack will be released that includes municipal fire and ems services, designed to go with the law enforcement pack. With that said, I have found models that I am very happy with for this pack. However, I have not been able to find a Ford Police Interceptor Utility that exactly matches my desires. I've tried my hand at learning Zmodeler 3 but it just hasn't gone well. So I have turned here in hopes that one of this community's awesome modders would be willing to help. 

What exactly am I looking for? Here's a list:

1) Must be ELS

2) Interior similar to the one shown in this pack:

3) No push bar on the front of the car. 

4) Headlights/fog lights:

          4a) similar to the model linked above, there should be a blue light directly under the front turn signal. This should be the only emergency light on the front of the vehicle. 

          4b) I have no need for the fog lights. If possible, I would like them capped. If not, its not a big deal. 

          4c) Wig Wag headlights as part of the emergency signals

5) Lights & Sirens:

          5a) Main light bar should be the Legacy. 

          5b) The light bar should have blue, white, and orange lights similar to this pack: 


6) Taillights should alternate as part of the emergency signal. 

7) LINZ6 lights should be placed on both sides of the license plate similar to in this pack: 

          7a) Both of these light should be red. 

          7b) When emergency lights are off, these lights should function as break lights, alongside with the existing break lights. To be clear, both the existing break lights and these should light up        when breaking. 

          7c) When emergency lights are activated, these light should alternate opposite of the break lights. For example, if the right side break light is illuminated, so should the left side LINZ6. The        left side break light and right side LINZ6 should both be off. These lights should continue to alternate left to right until the emergency lights are turned off.  

😎 Must be KTFDO compatible. 


I know these are some specific guidelines, and I do not know if all is possible. If something is not possible, please let me know. If you are willing to do this for me, let me know, I will greatly appreciate it. Of course, full credit will be given to all who help on this. 



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My favorite 16 FPIU is Desmond98's alpha. Even in the unfinished state, it's insanely good. You can find the files on his FPIU topic: 


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