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What web app do you want to see?

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Some of you might remember my Paperwork++, or even the earlier PaperworkPlus. I made both of these a while ago now (as educational projects). Now I've got some actual development experience under my belt, I'm looking at developing a web application (and sticking with it). What I'd like to know, is what kind of web application you'd like to see! I am open to desktop development, but would prefer something web-based.


The idea behind the application would be to connect users, but without needing them to join any kind of community. Now, it would be nice to have something like an MDT, or CAD, but the driving force behind applications like these is based on the idea of community. I'd still be open to making one (perhaps where users can generate sessions and distribute invite links), but would like to know what kind of ideas people have.


I'm not too fussed if its already been done, or whether someone looks at this thread and does this themselves, I'd just like to make something.


One thing I won't do is anything monetized or anything that requires users to give something in return for membership. 

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