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Siren Mastery ems not working

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The title says it all. I've added about 9 sirens for the firetruck and they all work fine. I then added about 5 for ambulance and only the first two work. Weirdly tho the second siren isnt playing what the actual second siren is. I'll copy what my .xml says and maybe someone could point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



  <!--Siren Mastery by Albo1125.
Please review the Siren Mastery documentation for full instructions on how to set this up.
There is also a folder included in the Siren Mastery download containing a few examples for your convenience, along with a tutorial video.
You can add as many VehicleSirenSetups as you want. They must be between the <SirenMastery> and </SirenMastery> brackets.-->
      <Siren1 SirenType="Primary">Firetruck1</Siren1>
      <Siren2 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck2</Siren2>
      <Siren3 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck3</Siren3>
            <Siren4 SirenType="Horn">FiretruckHorn1</Siren4>
            <Siren5 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck4</Siren5>
            <Siren6 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck5</Siren6>
            <Siren7 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck6</Siren7>
            <Siren8 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck7</Siren8>
            <Siren9 SirenType="Secondary">Firetruck8</Siren9>
      <Siren1 SirenType="Primary">Ambulance1</Siren1>
      <Siren2 SirenType="Secondary">Ambulance2</Siren2>
      <Siren3 SirenType="Secondary">Ambulance3</Siren3>
            <Siren4 SirenType="Horn">AmbulanceHorn1</Siren4>
            <Siren5 SirenType="Secondary">Ambulance5</Siren5>


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