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Head and tail lights of vehicles using ELS don't work correctly

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Hello and sorry to bother you all, I'm having a small issue with some of the ELS vehicles I have installed. I installed a vehicle and the ELS file it came with, but the ELS file it came with has affected most of the other ELS vehicles, when I activate the Emergency Lighting Equipment all the emergency lights and wig wags function correctly, but the head and tail lights themselves turn off, but it's different for each vehicle, on some vehicles both the head and tail lights turn off completely, on others it's isolated to one side, for example on the Ford Focus Hatchback I have installed, all the head and tail lights turn off but on the Peugeot 308 SW I installed, the right headlight turns off and the left tail light turns off, the Riot van hasn't been affected as all the ELS lights function and head and tail lights also function correctly.

I also seem to have an issue with the POLICE.xml file itself, since putting a vehicle into the police slot and it's POLICE.xml file into the ELS folder, I can't have a POLICE.xml file at all, if I don't have one inside my ELS folder, everything is fine, but the moment I add a POLICE.xml file into the ELS folder, even if it's for a completely different vehicle and all the settings are completely different, it stops the head and tail lights functioning correctly.

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