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There's no way to downgrade if you didn't back up your game, you'll need to wait for ScriptHookV to update.


Do note that SHV is not a requirement to use LSPDFR. 

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Figured to comment in case you are on the Steam version. Quote from the RPH Discord: 




If you are on the Steam version, you can downgrade easily, even if you don't have a backup. To get started, go to steam://nav/console. Type in download_depot 271590 271591 8554066082762790412 to download the latest 1493.0 build that still works with RPH and ScriptHookV. Once it has finished, navigate to the folder it has downloaded it to (it'll say the path in the console), copy the GTA5.exe from there over to your main game folder. Have fun playing with mods again lol.

" -  @AlexBraun

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