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Reverting the game with Steam Depot

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I see alot of people saying we have to wait. However can you revert the game with the steam depot files, then just block the launcher from updating? Also does I tried this method but my mods folder seems to not work. So I am not sure if I need to make a new mods folder or what? Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

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Thank you so very much!

I was one of the many that made a rookie mistake with the backup and had to do without half my mod these last days; and I can confirm that it is possible and works. And since its downloaded directly via the steam client, I also dont see any legal problems.


So, here's the link to the SteamDB emtry:




Open the steam console:



Enter that:

download_depot 271590 271591 8554066082762790412


Make a backup of the current version, best with RagePlugin. Then just copy and paste everything from \Steam\SteamApps\content\app_271590\depot_271591 (app number may vary) to \Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V, and you will have version .0 again. That did it for me at least.


Thanks again to ShaeBakes.

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For some reason, iv managed to download the above, put it in the folder, but when i start i get cant connect to servers

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