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Help! LCPDFR Disabled after installing Indicator Mod

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So I really wanted to install indicators for the use of roleplay for lcpdfr. Sure enough the indicators worked to my surprise but when I pressed ALT+P Lcpdfr didnt work.

So I want to know what file did I replace and how do I fix this without the indicator mod screwing up? 


Officer Charlie29r9r7 over and out.🤪


I just realized the only real file I replaced in the GTA IV Directory was Advanced hook. I'll add the Advanced hook back that I replaced originally and see if it can run both of them.


I just tried that and I guess the game can only run one AdvancedHook File? Because this time when I got in it said something like 

Theres an error and LCPDFR was shut down. Please check files.


I haven't been able to find a way to have Indicator mod and LCPDFR mod at the same time. Can somebody please help. Thankyou.

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Try AdvancedHook from ELS or LCPDFR manual install - one of those is the latest.


The one included with Indicators IV is outdated.

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