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Does anyone know how to make rotators?

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1 hour ago, GTA V Modifications said:

I don't know how to make rotators. If anyone knows any good tutorials it would be great to link them. Thank You! - GTA V Modifications

What are you try to make, els or non els rotators?

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2 hours ago, GTA V Modifications said:

Capture3.PNG.aa931333d9ac6ec2afb8a3ae92acdd25.PNGHere you goCapture2.PNG.e7e62fc6d3dfa0d9dab222a6dd1b67cd.PNGCapture.PNG.9da891ea10ad1e8fb19b28b3fc151e04.PNG

Take each led light and split them into 4 leds, if you can't then detach into 2 leds and make a copy of the 2 so then you will have 4 leds. now comes the tricky part, position each led around the light module so that it makes a circle. You may have to scale and rotate each led so that they all fit around the module and not protruding from the glass. Once you've done this for all 7 leds, then you would decide which leds will be which extras.Which ever you start off with as extra_1 the next has to be extra_2 and so on it that order. Next you have to attach the extras together, for example all extra_4s together, all extra_2s together and so forth and so on. once that's done Make your 4 dummies and name them the four extras and place your lights in the dummy hierarchies. Make 3 copies of each extra, NOT THE DUMMIES and then compound your extras. 


Here's a vid of a pack of els rotary vehicles i did a while ago.





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I have thar lightbar els drot converted already. You need to delete all the emissive textures you have there. Then select every rotor, (7) in this case, and detach them from the lightbar. Make a copy of every rotor, then youll have 14 rotors. Select in polygon mode the reflector of each rotor copy, detach it and delete the rest of the rotor, at the end youll have 7 rotors and 7 reflectors. UV map the reflectors with some emissive texture, and attach them to your original rotors. You will then have your rotors ready to rotate, after you name them sirenX being x a number between 1 and 20 and using the right carcols siren settings. 

You also need an extra_1 which a copy of the lightbar glass scaled down and with a transparent texture so it hides the emissive textures.

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