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Rockstar Folder Ownership/Admin

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I just installed a fresh copy of GTA V.... about to add mods.


Is it a good idea or recommended to first take ownership over the C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\ folder and all sub folders?


Example, if I go to Security> it says "Owner: Administrators (DESKTOP-*****\Administrators)"

I usually would change from Administrators to my windows Username.


I remember doing this before, it was a while ago and I can't remember why. I was jw.



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I don't think you should really have to.  Sometimes on the mods in their config settings you might want to change something and you open it in notepad (well I do) and it might not let you save changes when you close it.  So just take that file out if the GTA folder and put it on your desktop.  Make the changes, save and put it back in where it goes.  I almost think I had an administer permission problem but the folder and everything already had administer permissions.  I think that was when I was trying to change something in an ini file.  So I just threw that file on my desktop, made the change and put it back.  If your using retail disc then it's a good idea to make a copy of the game after you installed and updated it.  That way if you really screw up then you don't have to reinstall it all which takes a couple hours and disc swapping.   I always have a back up copy in the rockstar folder.  Also if you wanted to play online then you would have to use the backup un-modded one. 

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