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Gino Frozen

Plugin and script for play GTA5

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hi guys after almost 2 years I bought a new pc and finally I can go back to play gta lspdfr

I wanted to know because I do not remember which scripts or tools are indispensable for playing the game and its mods

I speak of:


framework 4.6

lua plugin

what others have I forgotten?

This is because I would like to install all the necessary "equipment" before have problems in the future for the things I'm going to install

thank you

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If you're going to use LSPDFR, you're also going to need Ragehook plugin. 


I'm not going to sit here and rattle off a list of requirements because every game modification is different. Just make sure you follow the instructions/readme for each mod you wish to install. 

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Open IV to mod in-depth files.  Also Open IV will prompt you to set up a mods folder which you will need to put all your plugins and stuff in.  And once that is setup don't forget to got to tools/ASI manager and install those 3 things, I forgot what they are called.  Actually one will be installed but the other 2 just install also.  The last one I think has to do with some sort of camera when on rockstar editor which I don't think would really affect any mods you install but I just install it anyway. 

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