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Ped Models Glitch at Distance

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As the title says, whenever I go beyond a certain distance (which isn't even very long, like ~8-10 meters inbetween me and the ped) the ped model for the police will just glitch out. I'm using a custom model, but the model I'm using is irrelevant because I've switched to four different models and they've all had the same issue. I'm not sure exactly what could be causing this bug, I don't think I have any mod conflicts but it could be a possibility. Only the male ped models are glitching.

Here's two screenshots of what it looks like. It doesn't look like the second one is glitching out all that much, so it leads me to believe that the problem is something with that high vis jacket. If someone could help me out with this, I'd be grateful. 



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Your topic has been moved to GTA V Support, this is not LSPDFR related.
Please post in the correct location in the future.

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