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Having an issue changing certain skins

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Hey guys, apologies if this has been answered but I had a quick search and couldn't find anything on it.


So I installed a British police car pack that game with a OIV package that I installed, I decided I didn't like some of the skins so I downloaded  some skins from here for British cars and for some reason they don't seem to change, I downloaded a taxi  and a bus and they changed fine. One of the cars changed fine but I have about 4 that do not seem to want to change at all.


Also I  haven't had any weapon packs and I downloaded a few weapon skins, I downloaded a taser, baton and a rifle, only the taser seemed to change in game?


So far I have tried

  • Dragging them in again
  • Ensuring edit mode is correctly on


Any other suggestions? I'm unsure

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