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LCPDFR Not Loading

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So i used to play LSPDFR last year on my laptop but now since moving to my desktop I can't get it to load. 


I have the newest version of RH installed and Steam version of GTA V. When i load the game from RH with the LSPDFR Plugin checked it launches the game fine but does not show the LSPDFR Menu's when the games loading nor does it pull the RH console up. I tried the trick with forcing GTA  V to launch in Windowed mode through RH but the game still loads fullscreen. 

Attached is my RH log, maybe i'm missing something?


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I got it to work by using the windows troubleshooter. Right clicking on Rage.exe and using the troubleshooter. It has to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode. So for those of you experiencing the "Insufficient Permissions or bad anti-virus" issue, that will solve it for you hopefully. However, it will only successfully launch Ragepluginhook if I run it via the troubleshooter. If I try to run it straight from double clicking my Rage icon, it will give me the "Insufficient" error every time. This is very strange and I'm not sure what would be the cause of this.

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